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Wissam Adib

On Change


Supporting change since 2001

Career TRansitions

Taking on a new leadership role is a reason to celebrate. And as every leader knows, the first few months can mean the difference between between years of success, or of trying to make up for early missteps.

Get a head-start on your next career by planning to win, developing supportive relationships, understanding the current situation, knowing and leveraging your strengths, and enabling your team.

Managing organizational Change

A new strategy, an organizational restructuring, or a business transformation are exciting changes because of the promise they hold for the future. They are also disruptive and risky endeavors in the short term, and leaders often underestimate the effort required to communicate and manage the change.

Make your change journey a success by developing and executive effective leadership strategies that build understanding, create buy-in, and engage employees in supporting the change.


Every successful leader also has certain behaviors that hold them back from becoming even more successful. Even worse, they may believe that this behavior actually led them to success. Having an ultra-competitive, take-no-prisoners approach to business may have served you going up the corporate ladder. But now that you're in charge it will work against you in building a motivated, highly capable team.

Get a better understanding on behaviors that support you and those that hold you back. Receive support on changing that behavior...