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On Change

The new CEO devises a brilliant strategy and redesigns his organization structure based on the latest best practices from the Harvard Business Review. He calls for a meeting of his executive team, and over the next hour presents this world-class plan to his team, who listen carefully and diligently take notes. At the end of the meeting, he gives them the go ahead to go forth and implement. A job well done, thinks the CEO as he leans back and puts his feet up on the table.

A year later, things have not really changed much, and the company continues to underperform. 

What happened? Why did the strategy fail?

The reality is: change is hard. And the same CEO that expects employees to turn on a dime is struggling to lose weight with the latest fad diet...for the 12th time. 

Change takes time, effort and consistency. It's a daily struggle, until one day something clicks and it's as if the new reality has always been. 

And during this struggle, it pays to have someone who can show the way. 


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