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Working from strengths

I recently became a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Strengths coaching is a powerful  approach that helps people achieve their goals by focusing on the things they do best rather than by trying to overcome weaknesses. Part of the Strengths coaching process involves working with clients to understand and then claim their strengths. "Claiming", according to Gallup approach, is the process of helping clients gain appreciation for strengths and how these strengths can help them achieve their goals.

I find it curious that you have to help someone claim their strengths. You'd think that people would naturally gravitate toward the things they do best, and be the first to announce these to the world. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. In the few months that I've been applying this approach with people I coach I always find that they will push back on the value of one or two of their strengths. You would think that having harmony or empathy, or being analytical (three of the 34 strengths in the Gallup Strengths system) would be a good thing. Unfortunately, everyone of us has a few strengths that for whatever reason we became convinced are actually weaknesses.

As a leader, you should work to reclaim some of your lost strengths regardless of any preconceived notions about who a leader should be and what qualities you think they should have. Your unique value to the world depends on you working from strength, not from trying to be someone you're not.

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