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The "New Way"! It's better than the "Old Way"

Here's a typical change recipe: 

  • There's a "new way", and it's better than the "old way"
  • It's better because I say so, and I know better because I'm the new person in charge
  • We all need to start following the "new way" right now
  • You should ignore the years of conditioning that you were put through (the rewards and punishments that were dished out based on how well you conformed with the "old way") 
  • I will assign change agents (police), those rational and smart amongst you who understand the "new way" (lemmings). These change agents will influence the rest of you late adopters (independent thinkers). 
  • If you have feedback, put a note in the suggestion box. We'll read it, but it's too late to change the "new way" 

When we treat our people like soulless drones, is it any wonder why most change programs fail?

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