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One big happy family

Leaders are idealized. They're put on a pedestal and looked up to. They are better, smarter, funnier and more charismatic. They can do no wrong.

It's a bug in the mind's code. That mental space that parents created is filled by someone else in a position of authority, and all the associated feelings go with it. It's like moving into a furnished, previously lived in house. The scratches and knicks in the furniture and walls hint at years of memories, hiding just below the surface.

This positive transference has a strong link with employee productivity. When I idealize you, I want to impress you to gain your favor. In return, I expect you will protect me and care for me.

When things are uncertain such as during times of change, when I feel insecure, I need that sense of caring and protection even more. In fact, I need it before I'm ready to hear the company's new transformation plan.

Otherwise, I just might throw a tantrum.


A divided mind

It's not just lonely at the top