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A divided mind

You've announced your change plan, and the lines have been drawn. On one side, your biggest supporters, your loyal fans and believers in "the vision". On the other side, the resistors, those who oppose the change and support the status quo.

Before you rush to label people and deal with them accordingly, take a peak under the facade. Even the most die hard supporters have their doubts and fears, and the most vocal opponents can see reasons why change might be good.

To the supporters, if you speak to them only of great things, their worries will gradually grow, worries that you are overlooking important problems and risks. And if you deny and talk over the concerns of those resisting change, they will fight harder to make their voices heard and balance the debate.

The paradox of change is that we all carry both sides of the argument in our mind at all times, even if we only express one. And as you weave your story of a brighter future, talk to both sides of our mind, and help us bring the two together.

Your reward: our complete and unwavering support.

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